Hand-crafted + Small Batch


People ask us, “Why ‘Jupiter Moon?’”

We love whimsy and analogies, and in our dreaming about what our small business venture should be, we realized that our search for something bigger than ourselves very much aligned with the human need to explore beyond the known…to find meaning and purpose in life. The parallel of our journey to space exploration suddenly became obvious and perfect.

Ice cream itself is also all about dreaming and exploration, but it’s also much, much more than that. It’s about the memories we share. It’s about the smiles those bring. It’s about the connection that creates. It’s about all those things.






The milkman cometh

Ice cream always reminds me of my sister. Growing up, the milkman delivered milk and ice cream once a week to the milkbox out front. Suzie and I would always sneak a couple bites before before putting it away. Once in a great while, in the rush of getting ready for school, we’d forget to fetch it off the porch in time and would be heartbroken to find a milky puddle where our glorious treat should have been. I’ll never forget the flavor. Chocolate marshmallow was our family’s go-to. To this day, it’s still my sister’s favorite.


beach days are the best days

One of my favorite memories of summer is taking the girls out for ice cream after a day spent at the beach. We listen to the music playing while we sit together as a family on the benches and enjoy our cones (mine’s delicious salted caramel). There may even be some sidewalk dancing in-between licks!



As part of Kindergarten graduation, we had to announce our future career plans to a full assembly of parents, siblings and grandparents. I watched as my classmates declared huge aspirations and donned the garb of doctors, lawyers, nurses and pro ball players.... Me? I wore a simple boat-shaped paper hat, as I’d decided to be a Friendly’s waitress. Serve ice cream and make people happy all day long? As far as I was concerned, that was the best darn job I could possibly think of at 6 years old. It still might be!
”What can I get for you?” ;)


that first cone thou

My first cone ever after reaching “big boy” status and graduating from cups? I’ll never forget it. 3 enormous spheres of green mint chocolate chip ice cream. I did the expected: turned around, grinned, and took my first massive bite. The entire top scoop fell off and onto the ground. I cried, going from euphoria to utter sadness. Luckily the shop worker was quick on delivering a new one and I proceeded to carefully lick the sides until it was sturdy enough to take a bite!



about us (& you)


Hi! We are David & Eric.

With your help, we’re setting into motion a grand plan of turning a daydream into reality.

Jupiter Moon was born out of a desire to bring joy to the St. Cloud community. With your tastebuds in mind, we’re churning hand-crafted, small batch ice cream out of a gluten-free commercial kitchen right next door in Sauk Rapids.

Starting with a bike cart in Summer 2019 (with plans down the road for an ice cream shop in town), we can’t wait to meet you and hear about your favorite flavors!

One scoop at a time, one smile at a time… let’s reach for the stars together!



Hosting an event that would be better with ice cream?

Have an idea and want to collaborate?

YES! We can’t wait to hear from you!