Do you have gift cards?

Yes! We offer both standard gift cards which are available in-store and e-gift cards available online.

Do you have any nut-free flavors?

Yes! All the ingredients in our ice creams are nut-free, however, some flavors include ingredients that are made in the same facility or on the same equipment where peanuts and tree nuts might be present. Further, Jupiter Moon uses the same machinery to make all flavors of our ice creams. We wash and sanitize the machines between each batch that may contain nuts and follow strict protocols to prevent allergen contamination. However, we cannot guarantee that they are completely nut-free.

Do you have any gluten-free flavors?

Yes! Many of our ice creams are gluten-free. If you cannot have gluten, just let us know and we’ll steer you clear of any flavors with gluten. Please be aware though that there is a chance for cross-contamination inside the scooping cabinets since the ice creams share the same space. In that case, we would direct you to our pre-packaged pints.

Do you have dairy-free flavors?

Yes, we always have non-dairy, vegan flavors available. Many of them have become fan favorites and some of our most popular flavors—dairy or non-dairy! Check out our menu.

Does your ice cream contain eggs?

Yes, all of our dairy ice creams contain eggs. However, our vegan options are egg-free. Please note that we use the same equipment to make all our frozen products.

Do you have any sugar-free ice cream?

No. We haven’t quite perfected a sugar-free ice cream yet. Until it’s perfect, we won’t serve it to you.

Where did the name Jupiter Moon come from?

In 2016 NASA’s Juno spacecraft reached Jupiter and promptly discovered a number of unknown moons, bringing the total to 79. After much research, our friends at NASA have assured us at least one of those moons is made of ice cream.

Can you cater my wedding, graduation party, or special event?

Yes! Our ice cream bike is available for catering! Standard packages start at $250 to bring hand-crafted ice cream, served from our ice cream bike, to your event. Learn more!

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