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Jupiter Moon Ice Cream Catering

Looking to make your event unique, special, and super tasty? There is no better way to celebrate than with the best ice cream in Central Minnesota. With over 40 delicious out-of-this world ice cream flavors to choose from, Jupiter Moon’s ice cream catering will be the cherry on top of your event. Our decadent, handcrafted concoctions are made with all-natural ingredients that will surely leave your guests smiling!

We offer different options for corporate events, weddings, and all types of different celebrations. Our ice cream station and topping bar will elicit smiles, serve up pre-packaged ice cream from our mobile ice cream bicycle, or scoop up the ice cream in a big way with our classic ice cream trailer. Whatever your celebration, we have an option for you.

Serving up Joy at your event!

Are you ready to add a scoop of fun to your party? Our ice cream catering service for 100 guests starts at just $550 and includes pre-scooped cups of delicious ice cream. But why stop there? Make your event extra special by adding a scooping station and serving up ice cream in waffle cones or cups. And for the ultimate ice cream experience, let us set up a "top-it-yourself" sundae bar with five mouthwatering toppings. Your guests will have a blast piling on the rainbow sprinkles and creating their own delicious sundaes. Let's make your party a sweet treat!

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