The Jupiter Moon Story


Here is a little secret...we didn't start Jupiter Moon Ice Cream just for the ice cream. Jupiter Moon was created to celebrate and amplify joy and it just so happens that ice cream is the perfect medium for joy.

Jupiter Moon is a space for joy and happiness. A place full of big smiles and warm hearts. A place for first dates, celebrations big and small. A place where everybody is welcome, where love always overcomes hate. ❤️ 🍦

Our goal is to make a space where that makes you feel better than before you visited.

And of course, make really great handcrafted ice cream!


Jupiter Moon Ice Cream is an artisan ice cream company currently located in St. Joseph, Minnesota. Jupiter Moon is dedicated to finding the best ingredients, making the best ice cream, and bringing the community together through the wonder and celebration of ice cream. All ice creams are handcrafted in small batches using as much as possible, local and sustainable ingredients.

The 20 ice cream flavors are on the menu and change often including non-dairy, vegan options. Ice cream floats, sundaes, and fresh baked waffle cones are available to hold your favorite scoop!

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Houston, we have a question.

Chhht. Come in, come in. Check out our FAQ page to get answers to some of our most common questions.

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